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Collateral Consequences

There are many consequences resulting from a DUI conviction. Here is a list of the most important consequences that you should be aware of:

1. Disqualification of obtaining a CDL license

2. Your ability to obtain a gun permit or license to carry could be affected.

3. Higher Insurance Premiums

4. Five-year license suspension if you received three or more DUI’s within five years.

5. Possible impacts on child custody


Your first offense: the first time that you are convicted of DUI you are facing a maximum $300 fine, no jail time, and no license suspension.

Your second offense: If you are convicted of DUI for a second time you now face increased penalties. $300-$2,500 fine, 5 days- 6 months incarceration, and suspended license for 12 months.

Your third offense: If you are convicted of DUI three or more times you are facing a $500-$5,000 fine, 10 days- 2 years incarceration, as well as a suspended license for 12 months.

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